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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, migrant workers in India have been among the most hit by the national lockdown. They were left struggling for their survival and had to undergo unspeakable hardships, with their lives thrown completely into chaos in a single day. We, at Travellers' University have strived towards providing aid to them through the 'Bridge Karo Na' campaign. Now, to take this work a step further, we are joining hands with Helping Hands Charitable Trust (HHCT) for its ‘Shramik Sammaan project. Through this project HHCT intends to generate employability and provide livelihood and economic opportunities for migrant workers who have gone back to their native places and their families.

Signifying seventy-four glorious years of India’s independence from British colonial rule, Shramik Sammaan aims at establishing and reinforcing local solidarity through 74 livelihood projects which inherits the value of sustainability and social justice all across the country by:

  • Contributing to at least 30% of the original capital investment for these projects and also facilitating Mudra and Bank loans for new local projects as well as the resurrection of financially incapacitated local or home product markets.

  • Providing for skill development, project mentoring and monitoring.

  • Providing for a host of entrepreneurship development programs and a platform to promote the products with the consumers and other local businesses.

We invite you to submit your proposal if you are a new or an early stage livelihood project for migrant workers and daily wage earners. Also, kindly share it with young individuals and organizations who can benefit from this among your network. We would love to support these projects if they fulfil the criteria.

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At the beginning of the lockdown, India was not only fighting with COVID-19 but a much bigger crisis, millions of our brothers and sisters were struggling to reach their home, walking thousands of kilometers or stranded in cities with no or very limited access to food, water and shelter. In the meantime, few of our friends (neighbourhood heroes) were constantly serving on the ground across the country to support our fellow citizens in this overwhelming time. By each passing day, they were struggling to serve people and running out of funds.

On one normal (restless) day of the lockdown we along with a few other friends from Swaraj University and Conscious Connections came together to brainstorm ideas to support our neighbourhood heroes, and in the next couple of days we launched a campaign ‘Bridge Karo Na’ to raise funds  for them. Through this campaign, we were able to raise INR 5.35 lakhs and hosted 4 events to raise awareness about the cause. The campaign was an effort by us to become a bridge between our neighbourhood heroes, people who felt the same pain as we did, and who were stranded in this overwhelming crisis.

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