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Tautik is passionate about inspiring people to travel the world with little means. Travelling remains one of the biggest educator for Tautik. He believes it teaches life skills and enriches one’s soul. A 4-month road trip across India was the seminal moment in Tautik's life. He crossed over from being a Management Consultant to one working on livelihood for grassroots. The India road trip opened the doorways to the world - backpacking Europe, 8-months trip across South America and more recently Iran and Russia. He feels most ‘alive’ when he travels. Tautik loves to inspire others to travel long-term. Feel free to ask him tips on frugal traveling.


Deepa is a passionate social and urban permaculturist. It was only when she had access to her own money (at the age of 21) she realised that she was born under a wandering star and since then has been solo backpacking across the world. Some of her biggest life lessons (100% surrendering to the works of the universe, asking for help, appreciating what she has back home) have been learnt on and by the road. A recent 4 month hitchhiking trip from India- Southeast Asia and back has helped her break many barriers and come home to herself. She heartlity believes one does not need a good camera to see the world as travel is not about clicking good pictures but seeing with new eyes, saving memories in the soles of your feet- on the tip of your tongue and more. The art of slow- green- cheap travel is her domain fondly known as Pipilka.

Sonika Gupta

Sonika loves to create spaces where people can meet themselves more fully. She loves connecting with heart's dreams and working with them to watch them take shape in the world. Being a facilitator at Swaraj University allows an abundant flow to this passion of hers. She has done this for 14 years now in different setups, right from starting work with a corporate to then working with a large scale NGO to bring in rural community ownership in education. She also designed and ran a youth fellowship, starting it from scratch. An explorer of middle path, mindfulness practice has played a huge role in her life through Vipassana, Shamanism, immersion in Nature, art, Qi-Gong, journaling, movement and exploring the mind-body-soul connection. This practice is currently deeply supported by a course in Presence Oriented Psychotherapy that she is pursuing at the Just Being center, Pune. She also hosts circles around death and our relationship with death. She seeks to live a simpler and simpler, a more and more harmonious life with Nature.


Digital Empowerment Foundation

Established in 2002, Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) aims to connect unreached and underserved communities of India in an effort to bring them out of digital darkness and equip them with access to information. With the belief ‘Inform, Communicate and Empower,’ DEF finds sustainable digital interventions to overcome information poverty in rural and remote locations of India, and empower communities with digital literacy, digital tools and last mile connectivity.


Shikshantar, a Jeevan Andolan (life movement) was founded to challenge the culture of schooling and institutions of thought-control. Today factory schooling and literacy programs are suppressing many diverse forms of human learning, intelligence and expression, as well as much needed organic processes towards just and harmonious social regeneration. Schooling is the crisis. In the spirit of Vimukt Shiksha, we are committed to creating spaces and processes where individual and comunities can together engage in dialogue

Indian Multiversities Alliance

The Indian Multiversities Alliance aims to harness the collective wisdom and imagination of different organisations to give the youth more learning opportunities and choices than the ones currently available in the current education scenario. It aims to generate meaningful responses to the deep crisis of relevance facing the Indian education system.


The Ecoversities Alliance is a community of learning practitioners from around the world committed to re-imagining higher education to cultivate human and ecological flourishing in response to the critical challenges of our times.

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