Kavya Chinda, Hyderabad, Telangana


Kavya profile.jpg

Kavya believes in the potential of humanity, though the accumulated pessimism through her experiences has always said otherwise, she continues her journey picking all the lows, walking long paths, and unlearning at every new destination to accept what comes her way. She has an academic background in history and international relations, the exposure she found in these theories, spaces and people was like waves in a calm ocean- carrying the movement of the sun and moon to reach the shore.  


The coming together of people has always intrigued her, if it were not for this interaction there is no real existence, everything around is an ecosystem that builds, grows and blooms through this direct or indirect dependence on one another that makes us whole is the thought she carries from one place to another.  


For her, the journey she is to embark upon as a part of the 52 Parindey Fellowship, is a continuity of her personal journey to explore the various aspects of community building from her academic sense as well as from the mere sense of living in the world as it is today. She opines that individual politics correlates to the politics of the world, and the fight for injustice begins with the thought of an individual (you and me) that can bring together communities to lead a conscious, sustainable and just life.