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52 Parindey posters.png

The 52 Parindey Fellowship is a 6 months long programme for youth exploring alternative livelihood paths and dreaming of a sustainable, equitable, and just world. It is a leadership journey designed and co-created by the fellows and Travellers’ University. 

The fellowship will serve as an immersive on-ground learning experience for the fellows to explore meaningful and regenerative livelihoods (Alivelihoods) by travelling, living with and documenting the life journeys of Alivelihood practitioners (Parindeys) engaged in socially and ecologically conscious pursuits. It will provide them with practical understanding in the domain areas of their interest (such as Conservation, Education, Waste Management, etc.). It will create avenues for their personal growth as the fellows will lead a journey of self-exploration, helping them understand ground realities, shaping their worldviews, and paving way to take affirmative actions. 

The fellowship envisions to educate youth about the various Alivelihoods by documenting best practices, sharing pathways to pursue them, providing access to a network of mentors,  and creating a space for dialogue among the masses. 

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