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Support youth in their pursuit of Alivelihoods

80G Tax Benefits for INR Donations. Only INR donations accepted.

Support us in equipping individuals to make a collective difference, to create a sustainable, equitable and just world.

We have successfully completed the 1st batch of the 52 Parindey Fellowship with the help of our amazing donors and supporters. Go through our page for the beautiful stories from the 1st Cohort Fellows.

We are building an ecosystem to support youth in pursuit of meaningful and regenerative livelihoods. But only offering our time, will and dedication are not enough. We also need financial support for it.

Your contribution will help our 2nd batch of fellows to accelerate this movement, to learn from, document and share stories of individuals who do inspiring work grounded at the local level to bring about change within communities, inspiring youth to pursue these livelihoods.

What is 52 Parindey Fellowship?

The 52 Parindey Fellowship is a 6 months long programme for youth exploring meaningful and regenerative livelihoods (Alivelihoods) oriented towards social and ecological well-being, and dreaming of a sustainable, equitable and just world.


Why 52 Parindey Fellowship?

As young individuals, we can hardly see a future that aligns our livelihoods with content and meaningful life. In search of never-ending economic growth, we are barely able to find the time to spend with people or work towards our spiritual growth. Many of us get bothered by the question of purpose, of creating a joyful world or getting out of the consumption-production cycle. But our hyperactive lives do not allow us to sit with these questions and search for their answers.

This lack of fulfilment led us to build a community in search of livelihoods that make us feel ‘Alive’. These livelihoods conserve and regenerate our planet instead of extracting from it.

But where do we begin? How do we find such work? What books should we read? How do we train ourselves? Our schools, colleges and peers have a lot of advice to offer if we want to become an engineer or a lawyer, but whom do we go to if we want to know about becoming an organic farmer, a bee conservationist or a rural community educationist?

How do we do it?

As a community of people exploring regenerative livelihoods in the domains of education, food systems, health, waste management, conservation etc. for ourselves, we self-design our learning journeys and gather resources and stories on our way for other young people who also want to explore similar paths.

Over our travel journeys, we meet mentors (Parindeys) working towards others’ well-being, sow seeds to learn about growth, play with kids in a forest school to learn about joy, wash utensils in a community kitchen to learn about humility, sit near a stream to observe our thoughts and ask for help from strangers at tea stalls and bus stands to learn about giving and receiving.

In short, we learn about ourselves, our local ecosystem and the rest of nature through the means of travel. Over a span of 100 days, we meet inspiring individuals in our domains, immerse ourselves in their work for a few days, and document their stories for the reference of young individuals interested in exploring livelihoods that keep us and our planet ‘Alive’. 


The 8 Fellows have commenced their journey to travel to 52 locations across India documenting the life stories of 52 mentors (Parindeys). The programme will run from 1st August 2022 to 31st January, 2023.

Read Fellows Bios

It aims to celebrate the journeys of Alivelihood practitioners (Parindeys) and bring to the forefront their personal journeys, the Alivelihoods they are engaged in, and the emerging importance of their work in today’s world.

Read the Stories of Parindeys documented by our Cohort 1 Fellows (2021-22)

Programme Outcomes


We are raising a fund of INR 11,00,000 for the programme. The breakup of the programme expenses is as below


Fellows Expenses: This covers the total stipend of INR 40,000 for each fellows, 15 Days Orientation and Reflection Workshop to be conducted for them along with Welcome Kits, Journals and Postcards, that have been developed for their explorative journeys.


Operational Expenses: This covers the remunerations for Stories Editing & Translation, Video Editing, Sahyatri Foundation Team personnel, along with the team travel and stationary costs.


Book Publishing Expenses: This covers the Book Editing, Proof-Reading and Publishing of 400 copies of the final book.At the completion of our program, all sponsors will receive a detailed report of the program with outcomes and testimonials from the fellows participating in the program. For details, you can email us at


PS: PLEASE do share your PAN No., Address & Email Id's while you donate, so that we can reach out to you with the donation receipt. It is an essential part for us to avoid any legal untraceable donation and extra tax on it.

Listen to our Cohort 1 Fellows experience of the 52 Parindey Fellowship.

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