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The Soul

​Rahul is a poet and speaks the language of love. He is a passionate traveler and explorer. Dissatisfied with the existing system, from an early age, he often found himself pondering over real issues of education, social injustice, the role of money etc. When he realized his questions and inquisitiveness does not have a place in his education setup, he decided to walk out of it in pursuit of learning from alternative modes of education and worked with various grassroots movements to deepen his knowledge. He extensively travelled across India and created a gap year project ‘52 Parindey’ to bring out the stories of change by common people and expand his understanding of deeper issues such as climate change, sustainability, and education.

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The Heart

Ashik Krishnan is a traveller, storyteller and an exponent of non-institutional education. A graduate in Automobile Engineering, he later pursued Gandhi Fellowship, where he worked with Thane Municipal Corporation schools in Maharashtra on Headmaster Leadership and to strengthen the school processes. Post the fellowship, he was on a self-directed learning journey across India, exploring the domains of Alternative Education and Sustainability, a project he undertook with the Travellers' University. Ashik believes in the healing power of conversations, and his superpowers include writing, active listening and farming. 



The Hand

Ashwini is an explorer for whom life is a canvas to explore and experiment. He has been an entrepreneur, a social worker and has worked in various organization focused on Handicraft, Handloom & Apparel Sectors. His passion for travel has taken him through the length and breadth of the country. An enthusiastic trekker and cyclist, he loves slow travel absorbing the essence of the place, interacting with local communities, making friends and learning valuable life lessons on the way.

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The Head

Preksha is curious by nature and empathetic in action. She considers each conversation, experience, and engagement as a learning opportunity and enjoys subtle nuances of everyday life. She has spent the past few years understanding education through different lenses- from coaching school leaders for two years in a public-school system as a Gandhi Fellow, to spending a month experiencing a student’s life in an urban slum of Thane, to spending four months traveling to different schools in India - understanding varied education models.

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