Cycle Yatra 2021.jpg

Travellers’ University is happy to announce its 3rd Cycle Yatra in the magical land of Punjab from March 27th to April 2nd, 2021 in Fateh Garh Sahib, to experiene the diverse cultures, history and community wisdom.


Swapathgami Cycle Yatra is a 7 days long journey in the rural parts of India to taste the beauty of gift culture, an experiment to move beyond transactional economy. It is a journey to explore one’s gifts, to learning through challenges and unlearning through experiences. We invite you to immerse in the magic of abundance, love, kindness and explore the edge between seeking security and trusting that we’ll find what we need.

Janhavi Palande beautifully summed up her experience of cycle yatra in this quote ‘It was refreshing to be tuned into the rhythm of the real world, and to experience the magic that arises when we break free the regimens imposed by clocks and calendars.’

The Cycle Yatra is a unique journey designed for real seekers who wish to experience gift culture, real connections (without mobile phone) and real power (without money). At Travellers' University we have incorporated these yatras as one of our core offerings in collaborations with mindful organisations across the country. Sanjhi Sikhiya, a Punjab based organisation is happy to host and co-organize the yatra in the spiritual land of Fateh Garh Sahib. Sanjhi Sikhiya works on youth leadership and runs Punjab Youth Leadership Program (PYPL) to develop young leaders to work towards improving the learning and governance in the government primary schools of Punjab.

The Swapathgami Network (a network of self-taught seekers) has been hosting these sacred journeys for the last 16 years and continues to create and recreate the opportunity for people who are seeking alternatives for better world, with an intention to learn from the local communities and experience traditional value systems.

We will be cycling through the land of 5 rivers, spending nights in community spaces, learning from people and earning food by building real connections and contributing physical labour. Join us to explore the real treasure of rural lifestyle and wisdom through the Cycle Yatra.

Read two of our Sahyatri's, Prachi Mittal and Aishwarya Phadke experience of Cycle Yatra held in Kerala in 2020.