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In the ancient Indian context, Yatra means a pilgrimage to holy places such as confluences of sacred rivers, temples, mountains, places related to folklore and mythology. India has been a country of pilgrimage where people have travelled for spiritual understanding and self-exploration from time immemorial. Spiritual beliefs, cultural values and heritage wonders are the major reasons that have influenced the pilgrims to plan an expedition in India.

With changing times there is a need to reimagine and redefine the concept of Yatra, add more places and people to it, create newer routes and experiences which are contextual to the current time. We design and offer Yatras or Learning Journeys ranging over a period of five to ten days, exploring various themes, subjects and philosophies in sync with today’s needs, where the participants get to learn experientially. Over the last one year, we have curated experiences and facilitated journeys exploring multiple facets such as Reimagining Education, Rethinking Money, Self-governance, Ecology, etc.

Cycle Yatra 2020.png


January 26 - February 01 | 2020 | Central Kerala 

The week long yatra took the yatris through the villages of central Kerala, experiencing rivers, picturesque landscapes, diverse cultures, crafts, history and community. The yatra was a unique opportunity for the people to experience gift culture, real connections (without mobile) and real power (without money).


October 19 - 25 | 2019 | Kerala 

The yatra in collaboration with ‘Vayali Folklore Group’ explored the interconnectedness of humans and river along the course of river Nila in Kerala. We delved into various themes such as community, livelihoods, culture, history, arts and crafts associated with the river during the one week of yatra and as well tried to establish the connection between various systems such as Ecology, Economy and Education.

Nila Yatra 2019.png
Swaraj Yatra


February 28 - March 07 | 2019 | Maharashtra 

We all at some point of our lives have asked some fundamental and core questions: Who am I ? What is my purpose? Am I a slave ? Who navigates my journey ?


Swaraj Yatra designed along with ‘Expressive Arts’ through the villages of Maharashtra was to explore, understand and dive deeper into the Gandhian philosophy of Swaraj. The group met with individuals, communities and villages who have been consciously operating on the philosophy of Swaraj or Self-rule or Self-governance in their lives. The internal processes during the yatra were designed so as to guide the yatris to define their own Swaraj.


October 15 - 23 | 2018 |  Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry

Vimukt Shiksha Yatra' is a journey of learning & unlearning, collective dreaming, reclaiming and re-imagining higher education. The yatra is envisioned with an intention to inspire ideas, learning and collaboration. It encompasses visits to multiple experiments working on learning and education in various parts of India. 

In the 8 days journey involving 23 yatris from across India and the world, the group visited alternative educational institutions and learning spaces in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry, and engaged in discussions to understand the various philosophies and realities in which they operated in.

Vimukt Shiksha Yatra
Cycle Yatra


October 01 - 07 | 2018 |  Mewar, Rajasthan


The yatris cycle through jungles and communities, learning from the locals and earning food while creating connections and offering labour of love. The yatris thus explore the real treasure of rural lifestyle and wisdom. 

The cycle yatra conducted in the Mewar region of Rajasthan was a unique experience for the yatris , exploring gift culture, understanding abundance and to feel the energy of love from the universe, by cycling in a group for 5 days without money, mobile phone or any other gadgets.

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