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'Belongs to Serenity' is what Shruthi prefers to describe herself as, she believes that she has some copyright over the phrase! A quest for tranquillity in the world around, and within has developed belongingness in her toward serenity forever. "I am Nature" is another phrase that appeals to her the most. Being a Nature enthusiast, she constantly strives to improve her knowledge about the rest of Nature and conservation, and in the process, she has picked up a zeal for birdwatching. She is working towards a model that facilitates youth in comprehending an efficient natural ecosystem. She practices slow and mindful living, and, in the long term, aspires to develop an entirely self-reliant or close-knit community-based lifestyle not having to procure from the exploitative systems.


Rahul is an enthusiastic learner and intrepid traveller who has devoted his professional life to inspiring others through experiential learning. He has taken the helm of his enthusiasm for sustainable practises and transformed it into a voyage of self-discovery and exploration for others. He is an author, educator, and the co-founder of Travellers' University. He has created and led a number of workshops and learning excursions, much like an experienced explorer guiding his ship over uncharted seas, to assist several young minds in navigating the turbulent waters of interconnections between oneself, society, and the rest of nature. At Travellers' University, Rahul is assisting young people by using his aptitude for mentoring to help them find their own paths in life by examining their passions, values, and purposes. From a young age, he was dissatisfied with the current system and frequently found himself reflecting about important subjects like education, social injustice, the role of money, etc. In search of learning from alternative modalities of education, he made the decision to leave his educational system after realising his inquiries and inquisitiveness had no place there. He has collaborated with other grassroots groups to further his understanding. In order to highlight the tales of transformation by ordinary people and deepen his awareness of topics like climate change, sustainability, and education, he has travelled widely around India.


Preksha is curious by nature and empathetic in action. She considers each conversation, experience, and engagement as a learning opportunity and enjoys subtle nuances of everyday life. She has spent the past few years understanding education through different lenses- from coaching school leaders for two years in a public-school system as a Gandhi Fellow, to spending a month experiencing a student’s life in an urban slum of Thane, to spending four months traveling to different schools in India - understanding varied education models.



Ashwini is an explorer for whom life is a canvas to explore and experiment. He has been an entrepreneur, a social worker and has worked in various organization focused on Handicraft, Handloom & Apparel Sectors. His passion for travel has taken him through the length and breadth of the country. An enthusiastic trekker and cyclist, he loves slow travel absorbing the essence of the place, interacting with local communities, making friends and learning valuable life lessons on the way.


Ashik Krishnan is a traveller, venture socialist, and weaver of people, communities and stories. He is an advocate of conversations, using dialogue as a tool to explore real human emotions, and build consciousness and awareness in a world that is turning highly transactional. At Travellers' University, Ashik designs and facilitates various travel-based learning programmes oriented towards imagining an inclusive and just world. He also leads the knowledge curation vertical in the organisation, documenting and publishing books and content. Ashik is also the co-creator of Learning City Thrissur which facilitates learning, builds awareness and undertakes actions on socially and ecologically relevant areas to aid localisation and promotes active citizenry in Thrissur. Working on new ideas and weaving youth networks is what makes him feel alive and present. He enjoys cooking for his kin, and his superpowers include writing, active listening and chocolate making.

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