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How alive do we feel in our current pursuit of livelihoods and life? In the quest to understand this deeply, we designed the 52 Parindey Fellowship programme that explores meaningful and regenerative livelihoods that makes one feel alive i.e., ‘Alivelihoods’. As part of the programme, a group of individuals, all youth, travelled across the country in search of Alivelihood practitioners or Parindeys (free birds who designed their own paths). They lived with them and documented their life journeys to understand how they earn their livelihoods in a socially and ecologically conscious manner.


This book offers a collection of stories of the Parindeys and their Alivelihoods written by the fellows. These Parindeys have found their Alivelihoods through their planet-centric approach, creating an enriching world around them. Through this book, we celebrate their journeys and their effort into bringing their eco-conscious livelihoods,

and their emerging importance in today’s world, to the forefront.

Our commitment at Travellers' University is to promote lifelong learning by using travel as a pedagogical tool. Through our programmes and the content we create, we aim to equip learners with the perspectives and tools they need to make conscious and critical decisions to journey towards a more sustainable, equitable, and just world. All the content we create is in the commons, and your contribution is essential for our work to thrive and impact and support many more people. If you wish please contribute through the donate button.


We find this book to be a rich resource for youth in the pursuit of Alivelihoods. We would like to hear from you if you find it resourceful. Inviting you to share with us your thoughts and feedforward on the book. 

If you are an individual/organisation/collective working with youth and if you require a physical copy, please write to us. We will also be happy to offer a session on 'The Pursuit of Alivelihoods' for your group.

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