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We facilitate an individual's self-initiated learning journey in the chosen area of interest through this program. Travel-learning is an opportunity to explore diverse kinds of real world experiences, pursue one’s interests, skills and more. The learnings and the experiences have the capacity to drive one’s passion throughout one’s life. 


We have had two Travel Learners so far.

Ashik Krishnan

08/07/18 - 14/12/18

The enquiries on plural facets of Education took him on an explorative path, and one thing following the other and right things happening at the right points of time, he found his alliance with Travellers' University. He was on a 4 months journey across India, meeting with people and organizations working on Education reform and Sustainability, trying to understand the different philosophies and realities they operated in. The quest was to decode the underlying ideas of 'Education' and 'Development' in today's context. 


During the journey, he met many a people and learned about diverse experiments in the streams of his enquiry. Post his yatra, he found synergy in building on the idea of Travellers’ University and decided to be a Co-creator.

Preksha Singh

Yatra on Education
10/08/18 - 20/09/18

Preksha’s core interest was to understand various Education systems and philosophies relevant to the Indian context. On her 50 day's journey in the southern part of India starting August 2018, she volunteered at 3 schools and studied educational philosophies of J Krishnamoorthi, Sri Aurobindo and M.K Gandhi. Later she worked on curating content for Curiosity Module, a part of the Integral Education Curriculum that is being developed in Auroville based on the thoughts of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Before starting her travel, she was a Gandhi Fellow working on systemic improvement and process redesign in schools of Thane Municipal Corporation. She later pursued Master of Education at Harvard University with a focus on learning sciences and neurodevelopment. She too is currently a Co-creator of Travellers’ University. 

If you require support in designing your travel-learning or gap-journey experience, connect with us via

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