Ashik Krishnan

08/07/18 - 14/12/18

Ashik Krishnan is a native of Thrissur, Kerala where he lived till he completed his graduation in Automobile Engineering. During his college years, he was associated with 'Rhythm Of Nation (RON)', an NGO committed to computer literacy for under-resourced children. During the two and a half years of his association with RON, he worked in multiple capacities, from that of a Teaching Volunteer to District Coordinator and Social & Online Media Manager. He admits that it was a mere fascination of being a changemaker that brought him to RON. But in no time, it modified into something more than what he had presumed it to be. It provoked him to understand Education, enquire into the essence of Schooling and work on the inequalities and gaps that existed in getting access to an Education that meets the needs and requirements of an individual. 


His two and a half years stint as a RONmate was followed by two years of 'Gandhi Fellowship' in Thane district of Maharashtra. As a Gandhi Fellow, he worked with multiple Municipal Corporation schools in Thane on Principal Leadership and to strengthen the School Processes. On identifying the dearth in literacy skills among the school children, he set up libraries in 8 different schools and used it as a tool to tickle the creative and imaginative traits of the child and to develop reading and writing skills. 


But the enquiries on other facets of Education took him on an explorative path, and one thing following the other and right things happening at the right points of time, he found his alliance with Travellers' University. He was on a 4 months journey across India, meeting with people and organizations working on Education reform and Sustainability, trying to understand the different philosophies and realities they operated in. The quest was to decode the underlying ideas of 'Education' and 'Development' in today's context. 


During the journey, he met many a people and learned about diverse experiments in the streams of his enquiry. You will read more on his travel learning experience in this space.