Deepa, a social and urban permaculturist has been travelling since her first paycheque. In 2009, when the recession hit India, she was fired and took to travel to teach her all that she had missed. To fully surrender to the moment, asking for help whenever stuck, appreciating what the universe has already given and attempting to choose love over conflict are some of the core lessons she learned- continues to learn on the road.


She has spent many summers in Ladakh, backpacked through the core of North East, hitchhiked from India to South East Asia, trekked the highest non motorable pass in Nepal, cycled penny and phone less through Odisha, walked the dandi route without any prior arrangements/ phone/ money to experience the daily schedule followed by Gandhi and recently hitchhiked in Iran for 2 months. The art of solo- slow- long term- cheap- green travel is her domain, fondly known as Pipilika.


When she's not on the road, she spends her time in Delhi, living with her parents and experimenting with 'greening the city', one house at a time.


12 aUG - 14 aUG 2018, uDAIPUR 


Travel is an art of exploration of new lands and cultures to develop consciousness, empathy, mindfulness about us and of the world, broaden one's world view, see new perspectives and help us in becoming sensible human beings. It has been an ancient way of learning, practiced by all civilizations. Learn the art of travelling, transform yourself from a tourist to a traveller. Be a student of the road and learn to leave each place more beautiful than you found it by sharing your gifts and travelling slowly, gently and consciously.

Travellers’ University holds a three days residential workshop on ‘Transition from a Tourist to a Traveller' across