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In these trying times, we as a community of learners and practitioners feel all the more connected to the philosophy of 'Swaraj'. Swaraj has many a meaning attached to it; from Self-governance and Self-reliance to Self-rule and more. We believe that the answer to the majority of challenges observed in the modern world - concentration of wealth and power, inequality in access to resources, hoarding of knowledge and information, centralised systems of operations, class struggles and more - is in Swaraj.


We  invite you to explore what Swaraj constitutes to you in both theory and practice, how you would define your own Swaraj and intend to journey towards the same. We invite you to experience the magic learning communities can bring in individual journeys.

What if we told you it was possible to travel the world frugally and make you meet people who have explored this beautiful path of slow and sustainable travel?

What if you could in fact earn while travelling?

What if you could get an of the place of your dreams experience of living the local life?

Learn all of this not through lectures but by personal experiences of life-long travellers.

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Travel is an art of exploration of new lands and cultures to develop consciousness, empathy, mindfulness about us and of the world, broaden one's world view, see new perspectives and help us in becoming sensible human beings. It has been an ancient way of learning, practiced by all civilizations. Learn the art of travelling, transform yourself from a tourist to a traveller. Be a student of the road and learn to leave each place more beautiful than you found it by sharing your gifts and travelling slowly, gently and consciously.

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