Youth Vikalp Sangam (2020)

Documentation | Edited by Ashik Krishnan

The Youth Vikalp Sangam in 2020 was one where around 40 individuals working in the domain of Environment and Ecological Justice came together and dialogued on the alternative futures they wished to see.


Kuni Hikaka's House (2020)

Story: Pritu Vatsa | Illustrations: Anjali Joy

Small, yet big things make up the house of a Kondh child. House is not just a room or two, but a place where culture and worldview grows. A Kondh house accommodates all. Coop for chicken, shed for cows, space for storing seeds, and more. Verandahs are connected and common. Rooms are for sleeping. The book depicts some of these elements from the Kondh housing, hoping to kindle a spark of connection with the non-Kondh readers as well.

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Ecoctober 2020

Written and illustrated by Saumya John

An array of reflective writings on ecoconsciousness, sustainable choices, mental health and more, that lay out the interconnectedness between various everyday stories and elements in a candid manner, such that it nudges the reader to self-reflect.

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52 Parindey (2018)

Written by Rahul Karanpuriya

Published by Digital Empowerment Foundation

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A peek into the philosophy and journey of Travellers' University

(June 2018 - January 2020)

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2020 Issue 1

January - June