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Agnus Mariya Antony | Idukki, Kerala

Community Participation in Environmental Conservation


Agnus is from the hills of the Western ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala. Born in a farming family, she has always been enthusiastic about nature. She has an academic background in Environmental Science and Plant Science. Her work experience includes working on decentralised waste management systems, community participation, water resource and forest restoration activities and environmental capacity building in communities in Kerala. She believes that reaching out to people who are pursuing alternative and sustainable livelihoods and learning from them is an urgent need.


Her learning through the 52 Parindey Fellowship begins with the understanding of India's geographical and cultural diversity and its interaction with environmental issues. Learnings through this journey have given her a hands-on understanding of the ground realities concerning India’s ecological situation. Her realisation is that environmental issues are not stand-alone in nature, but entangled with social, political, economic and gender aspects. The fellowship journey has widened her learning in a more integrated and inclusive manner, which has also brought her to the question of what would be her Alivelihood.

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