Travellers’ University invites 17-22 year-olds to expand their head, heart and hands to explore the multitudes of possibilities out there.


Expanding one’s head to plural possibilities and reimagining means to address universal challenges.

Expanding one’s heart to understanding one’s own patterns of life and taking control of how one’s life shapes.

Expanding one’s hands and explore the interconnectedness with nature and one another.


Transit42 is a transformative learning program intended to take young individuals through the tracks and trails of Pune in Maharashtra to Thrissur in Kerala. As they proceed from one space to another, they will be engaging with innovative local experiments addressing global problems, exploring the diversity in everyday lives and building perspective on today’s happenings and tomorrow’s possibilities.


Through this unique blend of an inward and outward journey of 42 days, we invoke innate curiosity of the learner and initiate a shift from a passive consumer of information to an active participant in knowledge creation. Participants dive deeper within themselves and develop an understanding of their individual nature and define personal motivation that drives their action. Through the outward engagement, they develop perspectives on Sustainability, Environment, Social Justice, Education and Development through multiple lenses. Together we will explore and observe how these entities are interconnected, identify one's own relationship with these entities and thereby through the process, rethink and reimagine one's own needs.


This program is an invitation to young individuals who intend to take their initial steps into dreaming the future they want for themselves. So join us and open your head, heart, and hands by assimilating new knowledge, skills, and mindset.


The suggested contribution for the programme is INR 40,000. In case you need any support to raise funds for yourself, do let us know. We will mutually figure out a way to address this concern. Lack of funds should not prevent you from attending. Come and be a part of this experiential journey with us.


The Yatra commences on May 11, 2019 from Pune, Maharashtra and concludes on June 22, 2019 in Thrissur, Kerala.