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Kavya Chinda, Hyderabad, Telangana

Community Intervention - Ideologies within the Social-Cultural Narrative



Kavya's journey began with an intent to understand rural spaces, to explore the self-reliant aspects of diverse geographies to enable her to work at the grassroots. Her query arose from connecting various connotations of progress, how the idea in itself has played a role in alienating sections of the society from nurturing themselves leading to indignification and exploitation in many ways. Her interest in the sector comes from her peripheral rural upbringing, and from identifying social disparities through academic exposure. This has led her back to the roots, towards reimagining the limitations of her community.

Through the 52 Parindey Fellowship, she has travelled to various tribal and peripheral rural spaces to discover initiatives within the existing social systems that respond to the layered socio-cultural issues. The experience within each of the places she visited brought out new dimensions and enriched her perspective to envision social transformation.

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