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Smriti, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Women's Rights & Empowerment



Smriti is a feminist and feels strongly about issues around Gender, Patriarchy and women’s rights. She was born and brought up in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. A software Engineer by profession and working on software solutions for years now, she believes that the world can do without one less software but not without mutual consideration among its residents. She wants to put her energy and time into work which aligns with her value system and is meaningful both to her as well as the society. She is currently taking a gap year and is on a journey of exploration and experimentation.

As a woman, she has often noticed disparities and sexism, even in spaces considered progressive and has been vocal about women’s rights and empowerment. As a 52 Parindey Fellow, she travelled to urban and rural spaces in different states of India to understand the issues and work around women empowerment as well as what feminism is for her and how she can contribute towards the cause. Reflecting upon her experiences on the journey, she plans to explore practical ways to address the need for a mindset shift to painting a feminist future while also continuing the journey of self-exploration and expression that the fellowship has set her on.

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