Smriti, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Education, Women's Rights & Empowerment


Smriti Rawat.jpg

Smriti is an admirer of life and believes in never letting go of a chance to experience it from various lenses. When not pondering upon the big and small questions of life, you would find her writing, daydreaming, indulging in adventure sports, and creating.

​She is a Software Engineer and has been working in the corporate for the past 6 years. Despite all the opportunities that were floating around her, she did not feel fulfilled. Her heart wanted to work for something meaningful both to her as well as the society. So she decided to quit her work and begin her journey of exploration and experimentation.

As a woman, she has often noticed disparities and sexism, even in spaces considered progressive and has been vocal about women’s rights and empowerment. She also wonders about the role that education plays in shaping society and how intervention in the same could lead to a better society.

As part of the 52 Parindey Fellowship, she is exploring and understanding the work being done and the possibilities in the areas of education, and women’s rights & empowerment. She also wants to spread awareness about the existence of Alivelihoods to the youth working in the corporates but feeling disconnected from their work due to the lack of personal meaning.

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