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Zehra Ali Khan, Kolkata, West Bengal

Alternative Learning Systems for Children


Zehra Ali Khan.jpg

Zehra believes the earth is her home and the world- her family. Being born and brought up in Kolkata with a theoretical background in Sociology, she decided to pursue education. Over the past year, she has worked with the children of the Meena tribal community in a small village in Rajasthan, exploring art as a medium for education.


She herself does slam poetry and lots of doodling and finds inspiration in art, nature and the curiosity of children. A believer in the Kabir philosophy, she dreams of a more peaceful and harmonious world and believes that working with children in conflict-ridden areas through alternative and contextual learning modules will allow her to take a step towards this dream. This has driven her on the journey to understand alternative education and its aspects in depth.


As part of the 52 Parindey Fellowship, she is exploring alternative learning systems for children to set up an alternative learning space for children from marginalised communities in conflict-affected areas.

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