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Anil Uppalapati | Ongole, Andhra Pradesh

Food Systems & Natural ways of Growing

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Anil Uppalapati is from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. He is a zealous explorer of the less trodden paths. Anil is on a quest to build regenerative living of his choices, and prefers dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. He holds an Integrated Masters in Economics and Post Graduate diploma in Human Rights, and has served as a Gandhi fellow in Bihar.


As a 52 Parindey Fellow, Anil has explored Food Systems and natural ways of growing. He intends to continue exploring food systems, as he believes there is a lot more to learn, unlearn and relearn. He dreams of creating healthy food systems and resilient local communities and intends to pursue growing his own food.

"The 52 Parindey Fellowship has been an extremely rewarding and unforgettable experience. I have explored natural ways of growing food. It was extremely humbling to live and work on the farm. For the first time ever, I got involved with growing and cooking the food that I was eating. My brief stay on the farms and in various communities offered me the opportunity to witness firsthand how learning simply emerges and life thrives when we are tuned in to what is most meaningful and authentic to us. Throughout the fellowship, a ‘learning exchange’ was taking place as the boundaries of age, culture, and socio-economic background simply vanished in the process of our mutual friendship. The Fellowship also provided a candid view of Alivehoods. When both profession and conscious living merge together, it creates a beautiful synergy. This is what Alivelihood is. The idea of each person taking complete control of their own learning and life intrigues me. Alivelihoods are needed at this hour to recreate a healthy way of living. Throughout the journey, I have been blessed with so much inspiration and an abundance of love along the way that I feel compelled to pass it forward."

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97 Days

5656 km

8 Parindeys

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