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Gayatri Pardeshi | Nashik, Maharashtra

Inclusive Learning and Facilitation Practices for Children


Gayatri Pardeshi was born and brought up in Nashik. She facilitates Community Games, Kids Theatre, Dance Movement and Garba. Her interest lies in exploring Dance Movement, Kabir Philosophy and Mental Health awareness.


As a 52 Parindey Fellow, she explored the different possibilities to facilitate learning. Through her travels, Gayatri has come to understand that co-creation  in education creates a magically powerful tool of learning. She also thinks that art as medium helps make the process so much easier. On a more personal note, her passion for traveling solo has played a role in her own learning and encouraging traveling as a pedagogy for enriching the experience.

"The 52 Parindey Fellowship supported me to see the importance of ARTS in facilitation, education, learning process and daily life routine. This helped me to reflect on myself as well as to redefine meaning of receiving, giving, family, travel challenges, safe spaces and Alivelihoods. After 4 months of exploring and meeting with Alivelihood practitioners, now I can say the meaning of Alivelihoods is what makes you alive and it is within each and everyone of us."

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64 Days

6571 km

5 Parindeys

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