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Saumya John | Ernakulam, Kerala

Food Systems & the Politics of Food


Saumya is an intersectional feminist who is vocal about the relationship between mental health, feminism and environment conservation and likes to interact with people working in such spaces. She studied History, then Social Work and worked for a  non-profit and realised her vocation does not fit into an organisational space, but in Alivelihood spaces.


As part of the 52 Parindey Fellowship, she explored food systems in seven Indian states and experienced the diversity, humanity, and love at each location. Her initial focus on food systems and sustainability has now expanded to cover conservation, activism, and value addition in different forms.

"Defining my learning journey around food systems and environmental sustainability in a coherent, linear manner would be a puzzling activity. Each Parindey was an experience, that expanded my comfort zone to include more humans, more nature-based practices, and more hope for the future. It has led me to believe in Alivelihoods as Alive-lihoods; livelihoods that make one feel alive and in sync with the rest of nature. At the same time, the political, social, economic, and gender dynamic that defined the Alivelihood of each Parindey added more depth to my journey. I hope more people turn towards Alivelihoods and take inspiration from the Parindeys."

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89 Days

9858 km

7 Parindeys

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