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Srilaxmi | Vasco, Goa

Conservation & Co-existence


Srilaxmi is from Vasco, Goa. Open-hearted, she is willing to immerse, learn and create. Flawed like anyone, confused like many, the rope in a tug of war like few, and herself like nobody else, Srilaxmi is figuring her way through. And in all the madness of the mind, heart and soul, she thrives most in the strong arms of nature and community living.


In the fellowship, she explored conservation and  coexistence, whilst also questioning contemporary notions of development and  trying to locate a peoples' aspirations  within this. She sees a gap between traditional understanding and scientific knowledge  which needs to be bridged through  respect, harmony and empowerment of the self and others.

"A man I once met in my journey of life told me, "When you choose to fight, you choose a life of struggle. And this life is hard, but it is also meaningful." Over the past few months of exploring the coexistence of humankind with the rest of nature, and conservation, this thought became profound learning, taking form in different people and journeys, but with one little addition; that struggle isn't just a struggle anymore when you accept it. Alivelihood, after all, is something that makes you come alive, and feeling alive is feeling beautiful, whatever be the force that is firing your spirit."

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104 Days

7950 km

7 Parindeys

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