"One who returns from a journey is not the same as they left"

Travel. Explore. (Un)Learn. 

Travellers' University - Reimagining learning ! 

Travellers' University is a learning community to support individuals who are interested to travel and learn to deepen their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world, and are looking for alternative choices in Education. It is a platform to nurture curious minds, encourage questions and push one's thought process by giving them an exposure to traditional knowledge systems, a plethora of sustainable solutions available, varied philosophies, ideologies and realities. 


It is for individuals to venture outside their academics and work-life to engage with questions that perturb them and work together to find their answers. One can leverage old wisdom, live those experiences, carry out their own experiments and combine them with today's technical knowledge to expand their horizons. At Travellers' University, we believe the whole Universe is a learning ground and that experiences invoke one's innate curiosity which is fundamental for one's Education. 

Upcoming Programs

In these trying times, we as a community of learners and practitioners feel all the more connected to the philosophy of 'Swaraj'.


Swaraj has many a meaning attached to it; from Self-governance and Self-reliance to Self-rule and more. We believe that the answer to the majority of challenges observed in the modern world - concentration of wealth and power, inequality in access to resources, hoarding of knowledge and information, centralised systems of operations, class struggles and more - is in Swaraj.


We  invite you to explore what Swaraj constitutes to you in both theory and practice, how you would define your own Swaraj and intend to journey towards the same. We invite you to experience the magic learning communities can bring in individual journeys.

Tracks and Trails

Learning Journey

Theme based travel journey where Individuals come together and take a journey of collective.


Grappling with personal insecurity, unsure of travelling on your own? Learn the travel hacks and transition from a tourist to a traveller.


Conversations on Travel - life, experiments, learnings and more. 

Travel Learner

Facilitating individual's self-initiated learning journey in the chosen area of interest.

Transition Programs

Inviting individuals to open head, heart and hands and embrace new knowledge, skills and mindset.
A niche program for focused learners for deeper inquiry and documenting indigenous knowledge systems.



"This workshop taught me about sustainable traveling and hacks. How to travel with less money and respect the local cultures and people. Also, space, where we were hosted, was beautiful and the program was designed in a way that it let us connect to nature."

                                                            -Mohit (Initiated into the tribe in Aug '18, Workshop)

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